Sunday, 13 July 2014

A day in Oxford with the family!

Some of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook,  may already know that my parents are visiting us from India. Yesterday the weather was sunny so we went to Oxford and had some good family time. 

Dinesh and myself have already been to Oxford before but it was our parents' first time. My parents are huge supporters of my Youtube channel and blog. They constantly follow it and give me some feedback from time to time. Now they have made their own 'to-visit' list and they can't wait to see London's wall art and the country side. As they have come from India, they have never experienced any sort of fruit picking fun so we are planning to take them for some Strawberry picking too!

I will keep you all updated with our shenanigans!!! Enjoy the pics!!!

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Monday, 16 June 2014

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia

This is one of the actual reasons why I went to Cappadocia: To ride on a hot air balloon. Before I start telling you about my hot air balloon experience, I have to confess something about myself. I HAVE FEAR OF TAKEOFFS!!! Yes, you read it right! I have a major fear of take offs, it's so bad that actual tears roll down my eyes when we take off. Thanks to my husband, who always holds my hands and explains me that there are more chances of dying in a car crash than in a plane crash but my silly mind doesn't understand that. You don't even want to sit next to me when the plane goes through turbulence. Poor husband! Anyhow, I told you this piece of information about myself so that you know that me, who is scared of takeoffs, was extremely comfortable during the hot air balloon ride. Sounds strange right? Guess that's how I am made!

We booked our balloon ride with Turkiye balloons based on our hotel's recommendation. The balloon company picked us up at 4.15am in the morning and took us to a restaurant for breakfast buffet. I personally couldn't eat much as it was very early in the morning, however I enjoyed a strong cup of coffee.  Later they drove us to the site from where the balloons take off. Trust me, I was so excited to do this trip that I wanted to get into the balloon's basket as soon as possible. Soon we got to fly and the experience was surreal. Slight breeze touching the face along with the warm sunshine of the rising sun, nothing could be more romantic than that. What can I say about the views? They were simply amazing. 

Once we landed after the trip, we were greeted by the crew with champagne and then awarded us the certificates for completing the journey. It was so much fun! I totally totally totally recommend doing the balloon ride, especially with Turkiye balloons as they treated us all so well and made our experience into a good memory. 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Istanbul: Our Grand Bazar Experience

During our time in Istanbul, we spent a day going to Topkapi museum and the Grand bazaar. You will find a lot of material on the internet to know about the places. Personally, I loved the Topkapi Palace museum for what it had to offer. Standing in the queues was worth it! Both of us  felt like this after seeing the jewellery section of the museum and the view from the top of the palace was amazing!!! The serene blue water in the background was straight out of some bollywood film (Yes, I love bollywood films).

Then we ventured into the world famous Grand Bazaar. To be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed by it. You will know what I mean if you are from India or any other south Asian countries. The place was extremely busy with loads of tourists, hiked up prices and rude shopkeepers. Believe it or not, I didn't buy a single thing. I can also understand why some people may love it, it's different from all the modern shopping places we are used to.

Next time I go to the Grad bazaar, I will be prepared to haggle. Lol!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Romantic hike from Rose Valley to Cavusin

On our 3rd day in Cappadocia we went for a 10k hike. All we did was walk hands in hands, admiring the beauty of the landscape and the rock formations. When you go to Cappadocia, taking a hike in this region is one of the must dos, it will bring in calmness and peace within you.

Before going to Turkey, we were quite stressed out about so much going on in our lives but being together in this beautiful place was just what we needed. We have come back to London with renewed energy.

We started our hike at Rose valley and ended at Cavusin Old village (it was a round trip). On reaching the village, we had some lunch and again hiked up to the old village. It was a wonderful experience overall!

Chicken Tava

Split Aubergine with minced meat filling

Cavusin Old Village

On top of the old village

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Bike trip to the underground cities in Cappodocia

It was our second day in Cappadocia but we were already in love with the town.  We love riding bikes on our holidays, so we hired a bike and decided to visit the two famous underground cities of Cappadocia region: Derinkiyu and Kaymakli. They are approximately 40 Kms away from Goreme, the place where our hotel was situated. 

On our way to the underground cities, our first stop was at a view point/ panorama from where we enjoyed the beauty of the rocks, sipping a cup of Turkish tea. 

After that we went straight to Kaymakli underground city and hired a guide who showed us around the ancient city and told us exciting stories about the people who used to live in those cities. We were so glad that we hired a guide as we were able to throughly enjoy our tour.

We later went to Derinkuyu and decided to explore the city on our own. I have to say, we loved the whole experience so so so much and recommend it to everyone who has plans of going to Cappadocia. 

Dinesh and myself believe in exploring the unknowns along with the known places. So while returning we stopped where ever we felt like doing so and sat together in peace, hand in hand and talked about future. More than anything else, it was the best part of the day!

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