Sunday, 13 April 2014

Wall art in Shoreditch

Yesterday was our 5th anniversary and usually we prefer spending our anniversary in a romantic way. However this time we decided to do it differently. The stress of setting up a house has taken a toll on us, so we decided to do something that we love i.e exploring different parts of London , especially the markets. This time we decided to skip the market and explore one of the coolest parts of London known as Shoreditch.

I work in Shoreditch and while walking to and from the station, I encounter the wall art which is very famous in this area.  I always used to get intrigued and mesmerised by the art, felt like stopping on the road and look at the art till I was satisfied. I was always eager to find out the meaning behind each piece, the artist's motivation and the story. However the busy life and the need to reach work on time stopped me from doing so. Hence Dinesh and I decided to go to Shoreditch and explore the inner nooks and creaks, discover the wall art and spend time absorbing everything that the artist had to say.

There are many organised walks in the area that takes you through all the wall arts but we decided against it as we wanted to get drawn to the art and the streets on our own and walk in a trance enjoying each scenery. It was a perfect anniversary! 

Personally, I was left a bit unsatisfied as I wanted to spend more time so we have decided to return to Shoreditch for more. Meanwhile I will devour the sights on my way to work.

Enjoy the pictures.

I wore:

Trench, Bag and Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Primark

Monday, 31 March 2014

Spring in Notting Hill

Some of you may already know that we have moved into our newhouse and with a new house comes new challenges of choosing the paints, curtains, furniture and what not!
 While going through the same process, last weekend we went to the offices to have a look at some sofas and dining tables. It's an online site but they have an office in Notting Hill where they display some sample pieces so that the customers can go there and have a feel for their products.

We really enjoyed the whole process, however we still don’t know which sofa or the dining table we want for the house :O

Anyway, while we were walking back to our car, we came across these beautiful blue coloured buildings  and that called for an impromptu outfit shoot.

It was a perfect spring day for a distressed boyfriend jeans a white blazer. Enjoy the pictures. 

Jeans: Zara
Top: Primark (Styled differently here)
Blazer: Zara
Shoes: them here)
Bag: Celine
Sunglasses: Prada

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Dress Code: Casual

By now all of you must have already noticed that most of my outfit choices are driven by weather. As it's mostly cold and rainy in London, you will always find me in warm cosy clothes and whining about the bitter cold. Miraculously, around 10 days ago we were blessed with a brief spell of spring where we were able to venture out without a heavy winter coat, hence the outfit and the outfit post.

So I chose to wear this flannel on top of this sleeveless white shirt(check out the beautiful gold zip detailing on it!). I was also able to go out with my semi naked feet. I felt really good in those sexy  shoes.

To complete the casual look, I decided to carry my beloved Celine on the shoulder instead of my elbow. Hope you guys like the look. Let me know what you think!

Shirt: New Look
Jeans: Levis
Bag: Celine

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Early spring outfit idea

Sleeveless Trench coat: (Get it here)
Top: Mango
Jeans: Lee
Bag: Zara
Shoes: M&S
Watch: MK
Sunglasses: Prada

Unlike other parts of the world, early spring in the UK can be quite chilly. It is impossible to wear a heavy winter coat and not wearing a coat is unthinkable. 
This trench coat is a perfect solution to the problem with it's light fabric and especially because it's sleeveless. 

Yesterday was a perfect day to rock this trench. The sun was out but there was a cool breeze blowing and this coat kept me comfortably warm. I am in love with this purchase and definitely going to give it more use during the coming months.

How would you style yourself on a chilly spring day?

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Favourites By Dinesh

Hi Gorgeous ladies,

Before I mention my favourite pictures from the posts that Snig did till date, I want to give you all a bit of background about the photographs that we take.

It's  always fun to take pictures where ever we go out, particularly to other countries. The photos help us to capture memories,  which when we look back makes us to relive the moments again. 

Initially we used to feel a bit shy to take the pictures of the outfits in odd locations where passing by strangers would stare at us and may be thinking what's there to take photograph here :) but after some instances we got used to it and now we just have fun while taking the pictures and ignore all the stares that we get. 

Below are few of my favourite outfits with a stand out picture from each shoot, I am also going to give a brief reason why it's my favourite photo.

This is my top favourite in recent times, not for the outfit but for the fun and energy that Mrs. showed here. Also the way that we took this, stopped abruptly in the middle of no where after seeing this beautiful sunflower fields while  we were driving in Italy.

This one is because of the bright blue colour slit skirt neutralised by whit coloured top with the backdrop of stone paved walls in some street in Chianti.

In here solely for the scarf which elevates the bland back outfit and gave the look much needed colours complimented by mighty Celine & Prada

I promised Snig to buy a black saree few years ago and it took a while until we found this during our trip to India , I like the simplicity yet elegance that this brings to the whole look.

I really like the look and the style that Mrs.Poser gave here

The red backdrop really enhanced the already gorgeous looking outfit & colour buddy Prada

Purely for Mrs.Poser's pose and  for white grass flowers backdrop

I like this one as we had a very good time in Richmond when we took this picture and also the simple dress with bright colour and flower work on the shoulder gave modern yet comfortable appearance.

These are my picks for now and hopefully I will come back with few more some time later!


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Day out ideas in London: Northala Hills

I know I know, I haven't posted in a while and I have a string of reasons behind it. If you follow me on twitter then you may already know that two major things happened in our  lives  last month. One is that we bought a house and the other one is that I got a new job.  We are remodeling our house as per our taste and ofcourse most of the time is spent at  Homebase, John Lewis and likes of these shops , deciding the colour of our bathroom and other boring stuff. 

As so much is going on in our my lives, we were desperate for a break, even a day without thinking about the tiles in the bathroom would have made us feel better and luckily last weekend the sun came out and we decided to go on a day out to Northala hills.

Our love for picnics and day outs is a known thing on this blog.  As  lovers of food, we picked up few delicious sandwiches and went out on a picnic to Northala hills which is 15 mins drive from our new home. We basked in the sun and ate our food and relaxed there the whole day discussing our future, holidays and all the interesting stuff. Even though it was just a day break, now we are rejuvenated :)

Outfit wise I stuck to the classic skinny jeans and a relaxed top. I have to give a special mention to the top and the bag. First let’s talk about the top. I am in love with the blue panel along the shoulders, the pop of colour has made it look so much better than just plain checks. The top has white checks in the front and black in the back. 

Secondly, the bag, what can I say! It is a work of beauty. I am in love with the colour, structure and size and for £30 you can’t go wrong.

Now I will leave you all to enjoy the pictures

Top:  (Get it here)
Jeans: Lee
Shoes: Topshop (Get them here)
Bag: Zara(Get it here)

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